Whether you want to divide the area of any interior space, including the living room of your home or your office space, then using room partitions is a great alternative to choose. There are a lot of ideas of partition style that will beautify your interior perfectly. And hiring the services of an experienced interior decoration company in Dubai like Visualize is always suggested. Our team of designers and decorators can guide you appropriately about the fantastic ways of using partitions to divide the available space beautifully.

Many systems of partitioning in Dubai are available in various materials, colors, styles and sizes. Our team of interior design consultants in Dubai would personally visit you and design the best partitioning plan for your home or office that would be both appealing and functional. During the planning process, our team will also ensure to take in your ideas and incorporate them with our own design ideas so that you get the best of both.


This is one of the most popular type of partition systems used to divide an office interior, or a living room, dining room or even kitchen of your home. Rather than making use of bricks and plaster for partitioning, drywalls that uses a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper are being popularly used. Because of the following features, our team at Visualize also recommends this type of partitioning system.

  •         Drywalls can be installed rather quickly.
  •         Unlike a masonry construction, this is a water free application.
  •         Drywalls are light in weight and flexible and therefore can be customized easily.
  •         These also offer an exceptional acoustic insulation, and can resist fire for almost 4 hours in case of a fire.


This type of partitioning system is best suited for office partitions in Dubai that requires to be relocated frequently. A demountable system usually has pre-finished plasterboard which is decorated with a designer wall covering, fixed with easy to remove joints. Along with corporate workplaces, our professional team at Visualize also recommends to install a demountable partitioning system in your home, if you frequently shift to new places. Its various features include:

  • This type of partitioning in Dubai creates least or no damage to the ceiling and floor of the room where it is assembled.
  • These are very light in weight and therefore can be easily moved to another place and reassembled there easily.
  • These are available in different configurations, heights, and widths, single or double glazed, or silicon jointed.

Glass Partition:

Another popular type of partitioning in Dubai is the glass partition walls. These include high-quality, non load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. These typically make use of aluminum framework for installation.  Besides providing an open, airy work environment in the place used, these also offer a classy touch to the décor. Visualize offers glass partition work in Dubai at pocket friendly prices. The basic features of glass partitioning include:

  • More affordable than drywall partitioning.
  • Can be used in commercial, residential or corporate sectors.
  • Reduce needs for additional lighting.

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